"I wanted to show that no matter how big or small your company is you are never too small to make a difference."

- Joe Dodd

Joe and Stephanie

About Our Foundation

Joe and Stephanie Dodd knew from the beginning of their new venture- King of the Coop, that they wanted to give back to the community. It is a deep seeded value that Joe has carried with him for his entire life. That is why that it is no surprise that barely 2 years in, the successful entrepreneur decided to gather a group of caring and dedicated individuals together to form The Coop Cares Foundation.

Our Mission

To inspire, empower and support under-resourced communities and to provide the building blocks for creating successful leaders in the culinary arts.

Our Vision

Providing nourishment to the human spirit through the power of food.



Brian D. Frey


Patrick Thorpe


Stephanie Dodd


Sam Ochstein

Joseph Dodd

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Sandy Dodd

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